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How to define a new item/article to the minibar item list on Opera?

For this process, Cashiering =>Codes=>Articles section on the Configuration main menu is entered. 


On the screen that opened, you can see the minibar item list that was previously entered. For a new entry, NEW is clicked and the entries are done as below.


Code: The item code of the minibar, it was suggested to be a 2 digit number for interface definitions (10, 11, 12 etc)

Description: The item name is written (Nestle Damak, Red Label, White Wine etc)

Trn Code: Means Transaction Code. Selection is made according to the revenue that the entered item belongs to. Example: if the item you entered is a beverage, Minibar Beverage; if it is a food, Minibar food; if it is neither of them Minibar Other revenue center code is selected. 

Default Price: The field where the item's price in TL is written.

Inactive: If an item is not used, it is marked to be deactivated.

Display Sequence: The sequence of the item that was entered is calibrated on this screen. 

Post It: If the Post It feature is active in the hotel it arrives on this screen and the entered item is marked if it is wanted to be used in the Post It menu as well.

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