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How to assign a cashier ID to a user?

Go to the user configuration page from the Set up =>User Configuration => Users menu.

Enter the Cashier ID section below.


On the window the opened, fill the marked fields as shown below.


Cashier ID: It is given automatically in number sequence, but if there is a number that is wanted to be used it can be manually written if it is not used before.

Name: If this is a front office user and there is an individual cashier application, the user's name and last name are written. 

           If there is a ONE CASHIER application on the front office, since instead of opening a new one, the cashier that was previously opened and appointed to all front office users will be given, on this section FRONT OFFICE CASHIER is written. 

Max. Uses: It is the number that indicates the number of times a user can open the cashier in a day, On standard usage it is written as 3. It should not be written as 1 or else if the user closes their cashier by mistake they will not be able to do any cashier operations that day. 

Starting Amount: The cash stock amount that will be given to the user is written. This field is automatically recognized as TL in the system, euro or USD cash stock is not defined in Opera. 

Float Over/Short: This field comes up as automatically marked when the screen is first opened, but it should be unmarked. If not, the amount that was defined as the cashier stock changes according to cashier actions. 

After the concerned fields are filled, save with SAVE and exit the screen by CLOSE to get to the screen that contains the list of the cashiers. From this screen, the opened cashier is selected and the Cashier ID is assigned to the user. 

PS: Users without Cashier ID can not make any cashier actions even if they have cashier authorization.

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