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How to congfigure IFC on Micros 3700?

For IFC definitions:
Pos Configurator:

1- The save that is described as PMS1 is left unchanged. With add, PMS2 save is added. In this save, ‘Fidelio’ is written to the outgoing message area.
2- The Time Out is set to be “20”
3- Number ID digit is selected as “9”
4- MICROS SERVER is selected as the Network Node.
5- Interface is selected as Type -TCP.
6- On the Interface Tab, IFC SERVER IP is written. Port 5009 is written.
1- On the PMS Tab, PMS2 is selected for the payments where Posting is need to be done.
2- Allow 19 Reference Character parameter, which can be found on the same tab, is selected.
For every Income Center, 1 save must be added. The number of the added saves must be the same as the current Income Center numbers.
2- For this save to be created, first the period is determined. A serving period called ALL DAY is determined. The starting and finishing hours are set to cover the whole day.(example: 00:00-00:00 etc)
1- The function screen is brought then, SHORT INQUIRY, LONG INQUIRY and NAME INQUIRY inquiries are defines. (see: detailed information is available in the PDF file which is created with the IFC Setup.(under the etc index))
1- FO_281.....EXE is run. After this file is run, the needed files are created under the etc index.
2- The name of the FID_FO.ISL file is changed as PMS2.ISL.
3- IFC_SETUP.EXE is run. From this screen PAYMENT/TENDER MEDIA which will be used for room charge, is selected. SERVING PERIOD parameter is selected. Exited with
4- If the test steps are done succesfully, INI, ISL and DLL files are copied under the ETC index in other terminals.
5- If the terminals are WS4, this copying process is done from the inside of IFC SETUP.
1- The IP address that the SIMULATOR is running is written to the area that is specified in number IFC-6. (the change should not be forgotten when switching to the next operation)
2- PMS SIMULATOR is run. “listen port” is clicked.
3- Inquiry processes and posting processes are tested.

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