On MC, what is the purpose of the production wastage on receipts?

As seen below, the "Calculated Net Weight in Grams" field on the receipt that will be used or produced shows the total weight of the inventory items in the receipt. "Receipt Amount-2"  on the other hand, is the weight of the item that is produced in result of the production after the receipt is prepared. 


Also, as seen on the screen above, "0,05" is written on the weight field of the quantitative item. That indicates that there will be a 0,05 kg increase on the net weight in grams that is calculated as the weight of each egg. 

To adjust the weight per unit of the products whose main unit is quantity, as seen below, the weight factor value must be entered for each unit of the inventory item (Maindata>Inventory items). In our example, each egg is presumed to be 50 gr, hence, "0.05" is written on the weight factor field. 


The system calculates the production wastage calculation this way.

([Calculated net weight in grams (total weight of the components)-Receipt amount]/Calculated net weight in grams) x100

For our example

( [21,786-18,236]/21,786)*100=16,294


As seen on image-3, the Production Wastage field shows this ratio we calculated. While the receipts are being produced, as well as losing weight, they might gain weight too. For example sauces that expand (with water supplement) while cooking, soups etc. In these cases the production wastage field will be valued as (-).

PS: For the production wastage to be calculated, the receipt's receipt quantitative field should be as kilogram. 

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