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Credit Card security information in the Opera application

We usually get information requests about the credit cards. Here is some general knowledge about the topic.

! Protect Cardholder Data / Protect Stored Data
Opera PMS Application uses CC Mask and Triple –DES 128 Bit encryption to keep the Credit Card PAN, Account name and Expiration date information.
Only authorized users can see the credit card information and they have to double click to view.
The credit card information is deleted completely at the predetermined date.

! Assing a unique ID to each person with computer access
No two users can have the same ID in Opera. The terminal that the users use to perform processes is saved.
There are Password Expiration Days.
The user password must be at least 7 characters long and must include both numeric and alphabetical characters.

! Protect Personal Data
Opera PMS application masks id information such as Date of Birth, ID number and only the authorized users can see them. They have to double click to view.
Triple –DES 128 Bit encryption is used in the database.
For the guests that don’t want their information kept, the History checkbox is unmarked in the profile. When the guest logs off, unless they have a future reservation or activity, their profile is purged and cannot be accessed anymore.

Opera has PCI Security Certification.
On this website, set the search criteria ‘Application Name’ instead of ‘Company’ and select ‘Opera’. Click submit to view Opera’s CC certification.
You can also search for Simphony or other Micros products here.

Secure communication is ensured with HTTPS in both the local network and the external CRS connection.

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